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6 Jun


Korach is grumpy about something. This Levite is jealous of the power and prestige of his cousins Moses and Aaron and stages a rebellion. With an assist from God, the rebellion fails miserably, and Korach and his comrades are swallowed by the earth. A few years ago during a family trip to Disney World, in one of the shops I found this tie featuring Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It occurred to me that I coukd wear it for Parashat Korach whose namesake is the grumpiest person in the Torah. To be fair, Grumpy the Dwarf is not a sinister character; his name reflects more his disposition than his character. Still, one gets the sense Korach was an unhappy–and most especially grumpy person. Shabbat Shalom–and be happy!