“The Roar of the Cat Rabbi” now online

5 Dec
"Keeping Faith in Rabbis: A Community Conversation on Rabbinical Education," edited by Rabbi Hayim Herring and Ellie Roscher, launched on December 1.

“Keeping Faith in Rabbis: A Community Conversation on Rabbinical Education,” edited by Rabbi Hayim Herring and Ellie Roscher, launched on December 1.

My essay “The Roar of the Cat Rabbi: The Vital Role of Introverts in the Congregational Rabbinate” is now posted on the “Keeping Faith in Rabbis” website as a sample chapter. The book is also available through Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

One Response to ““The Roar of the Cat Rabbi” now online”

  1. Richard Plotzker December 21, 2014 at 9:31 am #

    Been skipping around the chapters, Read yours this week, finishing right before shabbos. Nicely written essay. If a population is large enough, all the personality types will be represented and usually in the distribution that those types appear in the general population, whether the assessment is Meyer-Briggs or in my blog post earlier this month the enneagram: http://www.furrydoc.blogspot.com/2014/12/my-enneagram.html

    While each innate personality has something to contribute, in many organizational structures they are not equally invited to perform at their best. Sometimes really smart, inquisitive people are treated as a resource, sometimes as a threat to stability, both in my medical world and in my Jewish world.

    Rabbi Hayim’s book has another fine essay that deals with this phenomenon a little differently. R’ Rami Shapiro, who I guess is a pulpit Rabbi expatriate, divides his colleagues into clerks and prophets, who also undoubtedly span the spectrum of innate personality characteristics. The clerks process people through Judaism, the prophets like those of the Tanach or more recent characterization of Disruptive Innovation, struggle more with making their vision gain acceptance. Interestingly, one of the speakers at last year’s “Conversation of the Century” also spoke of this theme. Whatever personality might underlie how an individual functions, there are missions to be pursued by the path of least resistance and there are corrections and upgrades that are needed, even if not entirely welcome.

    Look forward to reading some of the other chapters during the week

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