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4 Apr

The Kohanim have the task of facilitating healing for the metzora.

In Parashat Metzora, the kohanim (priests) check the people for tzaraat/skin ailments and determine whether or not they are in a state of ritual purity to enter the Temple. The rabbis draw a connection between “metzora” and the phrase “motzi shem ra,” one who creates a bad name by maligning someone else. The rabbis make this connection because Miriam, sister of Moses, was afflicted with tzaraat (Numbers, Chapter 12). Despite the moral judgement that the rabbis ascribe to the metzora, it is not to be construed as permanent damnation. Rehabilitation is the goal. Just as Moses prays for healing for Miriam, and she is healed, so too the kohanim have the task to reintegrate the metzora back into the community. Similarly, when one does something improper such as gossiping about someone else, that person can and should work to bring healing to broken relationships.

The tie reflects the healing aspect of the the Torah portion. For even more insights, check out the G-dcast video on Metzora.

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